What are Digital Ads?

Digital Ads appear on our Partner websites globally and are displayed above or to the side of the content you’re viewing.

What do Digital Ads cost?

You have complete control over your daily budget, so you can spend what you’re comfortable with.

Who can I target?

Starboyant Media has a variety of Audiences that you can target to help you reach the right customer for your business. You can target by age, gender, location, interests and more.

Digital Ads show the benefits of your business to the right audience at the right time, piquing interest and putting your brand top-of-mind. Digital Ads can be shown on sites where and when users are thinking about what to buy.

How do I measure the results?

Digital Ads can be tracked and evaluated in more ways than any other form of media. You can also make adjustments to your Ad at anytime, and even run multiple Ads at once to see which works best. Data and reporting available makes it easy for businesses to fine-tune their message with each click and engagement.

Setting up your campaign is quick and easy!

Define Your Campaign Goals

Buying Digital Ads is similar to buying any other form of media – you need to know Who you want to Reach, and What you want to Achieve.

    For example: do you want to reach a specific group across a wide area, like Single Men that consume Hip Hop music and enjoy Fitness in the Midwest? Or do you want a massive reach in a small area like all Women in Rhode Island? Do you need brand or name recognition? Or are you really looking to drive sales to your website or into the store?

Creating Your Digital Ads

Your Ad should be matched to the Audience that will see it, and the Locations it will be seen. For example: let’s say you’re launching a new, clothing line for both Men and Environmentally-Conscious consumers. You’ll need two types of Inventory – one for each Audience – and creatives to match.

Your Ad is like a billboard by the highway – people are moving so fast that there’s a good chance they could miss it entirely.

Do something different. If your Ad looks like every other one around, it will probably get ignored. Use movement, color, design, an unusual image or a compelling headline to spark Interest.

Measure Your Results

What’s great about Digital Ads is that you can measure the Campaign’s performance and results. You can also target any of these Campaigns by Demographic, Geolocation, Time of Day, or Genre. Our most common Ad Units is the Leaderboard (728×90 pixel banner) and the Cube (a 300×250 pixel banner).

Leaderboard (728×90)

728x90 Example

Cube (300×250)

300x250 Example

New Audiences

On Sale